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A Mentorship Programme for Underserved Students and Graduates 

In 2020, Dr Anamik Saha and Dr Sandra van Lente from the University of London directed a study titled "Rethinking 'Diversity' in Publishing." The study's findings shed light on the alarming fact that BAME writers are not afforded the same industry access, creative freedoms, or economic value as their white counterparts. The study highlights that every stage of the publishing process is essentially designed to amplify the voices of middle-class white people.


The study further reveals the prevalence of inequality in the publishing industry, with a Black writer, regardless of their following, receiving up to ten times less pay than a White author. This disparity is not limited to just pay but extends to other aspects of the industry, including exposure.


These findings demonstrate the urgent need for the publishing industry to address and rectify the deep-rooted issues of inequality and lack of diversity. It is essential to create an industry that is inclusive and diverse, where every writer, regardless of race or background, is given an equal opportunity to succeed and contribute to the world of literature.


Of books were written by people of colour in 2018, according to The New York Times. 


of all children's books published in the UK in 2022 featured a BAME main character


Children in the UK who don't see themselves represented in books


How much less a Black author may be getting paid than their White counterpart.


The Reading Corner is currently developing a mentorship programme for aspiring diverse* creatives, divided into three categories: Behind the Scenes, Creative Writing and Illustration. These mentorships will provide an incredible opportunity for mentees to work one-on-one with experienced professionals in the publishing industry.

Over the course of nine months, our mentors will provide personalised guidance and support to help mentees gain the necessary skills to enter the industry, refine their work, and improve their portfolios. Whether they are looking to develop their writing skills, learn more about the behind-the-scenes aspects of book publishing, or improve their illustration techniques, our mentors will offer valuable insights and expertise.

This programme is designed to help foster a more diverse and inclusive publishing industry. Applications will be open in the upcoming months, so be sure to check back for more information on how to apply and join us on this exciting journey. 

*The Reading Corner’s definition of diversity: We recognise all diverse experiences including (but not limited to) LGBTQIA+, people of colour, gender diversity, people with disabilities, ethnic, cultural and religious minorities, and people coming from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Changing Lives One Book At A Time


Attention: This is not a formal application. Once applications are open, you'll be the first to know if you have registered your interest by submitting this form.

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