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Our curated collection of peer-reviewed texts shines a spotlight on the real experiences of BAME authors and children while examining the data that underlies the literacy gap.


Our aim is to create a unique evidence-based resource hub that focuses on underrepresented authors and underserved children's lives. Through this initiative, we strive to advocate for the necessary changes required to bridge the literacy gap and foster a more diverse and inclusive publishing industry.


By leveraging our unique collection of data and insights, we aim to empower these voices, inspire positive change, and cultivate an environment where diversity and inclusivity thrive in the literary world.


We firmly believe in nurturing a team of experienced individuals, providing them with the opportunity to shape and lead research that allows them to delve into their unique experiences and the obstacles they encounter. Empowering our team to conduct research on matters that directly affect them is fundamental to generating impactful research that ignites transformative change.


By placing their voices at the forefront, we strive to create research that resonates deeply and drives meaningful progress.

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